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Sex Toys in Mumbai is one of the popular sex toys online sex toys shop in Mumbai. It is acting as a branch of Teentoy. Nowadays the market of this online sex toys store has been spread rapidly day by day. There are so many sex toys stores in India. In this competitive market this web store has been able to build a monopolistic market place. The people who want to buy the best quality of adult merchandise always choose our online store Sex Toys in Mumbai. And they are 100% satisfied using our premium quality of products.

Culture of Using Adult Merchandise in Mumbai and How the People in This City Assimilate This Concept:

The culture of using sex toys has derived at the first time in this city Mumbai. Actually Mumbai is a metropolitan city and there is an international airport in this city. So, the people from the foreign countries come to this city for their working or other purposes and live with the folk in Mumbai very  amicably. This was the great opportunity of the Mumbai people to adopt the practice of using sex toys for betterment of sex life. India has imbibed the concept of using sex toys later of the other countries and Mumbai is the first city where the first offline sex toys shops were set up, but later those shops were seized by the government because offline sex toys shop are against the rule of constitution. Then government has declared that only online sex toys shops deemed to be legal in India, otherwise no offline shops can be permitted in this country. 

Another reason can be noted that while the internet was not easily available, people used to buy adult magazines which was the best source of collecting sexual knowledge. Then people used to buy sex toys illegally through the magazine by contacting via the mobile no, was mentioned in the magazine. In this way people used to use sex toys in Mumbai behind the eyes of the others. 

Nowadays there are so many online sex toys shop available in the city Mumbai where people can collect their favourite sex toys without any fear. Sex Toys in Mumbai become themost selling and the biggest sex toys shop in Mumbai which provide clinically tested, germ free, made in USA and superior quality sex toys so that the people can enjoy their sex life very comfortably and fearlessly due to no side effect.  

Guidance for the Beginners Regarding Using Adult Items in Mumbai- Use these Adult Things Efficiently and Suck up All the Sap of Joy:

If you are beginner you must ought to take such precautions regarding using sex toys Mumbai. Such people buy sex toys and forget to obey the proper rules of using sex toys sex toys. If you use sex toys by adhering to the proper guidance you will get maximum sexual satisfaction. Beginner men and women both have to take precautions while using those adult items and gradually enhance their experience from beginner to advanced level.

Guidance for Using Male Sex Toys in Mumbai:

For using cock rings, penis enlargement, electro masturbator men have to take such precautions. Because your hustle step for using these adult toys can ruin your sex life and fall your expection down. Such precautions, men need to follow:

Wash Before Use: As these sex toys for men in Mumbai are made with pure silicone, it can be said inevitably that there is no side effect while using sex toys. But such customers blame that they have such issues even after using clinically tested adult toys. Reason is that they don’t wash the products before use. Actually dust easily sticks on the silicone and consequently after use you may suffer from such side effects. So, you definitely rinse the product in the cold or room temperature water. 

Keep in The Cold Space: Always keep those products in the cold space or at room temperature. Don’t keep those products in the warm place because such defects may occur in silicone. In the warm temperature you can see sweat dripping from the silicone which affects the longibility of your product.

Don’t Use Cock Rings Frequently: Though cock rings are a good thing for preventing premature ejaculation, don’t use it every time while sex or masturbation. If you are a beginner you have to evolve your usage from single to triple cock ring. Frequent use of cock rings can make you feel pain on the shaft of your penis. 

Guidance for Using Female Sex Toys in Mumbai: 

Women, you also take precautions while masturbating with dildos or vibrators. If you are a beginner, you can evolve your masturbation experience from using silicone dildos to the large dildos. The guidance, you need to follow during masturbating with sex toys for women in Mumbai:

Don’t Use Large Size of Dildo at First Time:  you are a beginner, even if you have a big sexual craving then you are forbidden to use large dildos at first time. Start your dildo sex by taking small or medium size of dildo. If you are a virgin girl, then you need to sex with a dildo very cautiously otherwise it may occur bleeding by tearing off your hymen. 

Don’t Pick The Vibration up at Maximum at First: While using vibrator or vibrating dildo, don’t pick your vibrating speed up at the maximum level at first, rather you need to increase the motion gradually. While massaging the vagina with the highest vibrating motion at first your relaxed muscles suddenly aggravated which may harm your body. 

Branded Quality of Adult Toys in Mumbai:

Sex Toys Mumbai, is popular for its branded quality adult products in Mumbai. Different types of sex toys available in city Mumbai, for different gender including male, female, couple and LGBT. 

In Mumbai men are very much comfortable to use sex toys, they have no hesitation on it. In last few years Mumbai reached at the top for buying sex toys.

 Some popular sex toys for men in Mumbai –  

  • Masturbators ( The most popular sex toys for male in Mumbai )
  • Cock Rings
  • Penis Enlarger
  • Silicone Sex Dolls  ( Popularity of sex doll in Mumbai is too much)

Sex toys for female in Mumbai, In our country, women are as much interested in buying sex toys as men, And in the city of Mumbai, the volume of women’s sex toys purchases has increased by almost 30% -40% in the last one year.

In the same way sex toys for women in Mumbai are included 

  • Dildos
  • Vibrators
  • Artificial Vagina
  • Lingeries 

Couples use a variety of sex toys to enhance their marital or sex life, or to make their partner happy.

Besides there are splendid collection of sex toys for couples in Mumbai such as

  • Hollow strap on dildos
  • Bondage Sex Toys
  • Sex Games 

These products provide them a colourful and attractive lifestyle. As well as the people in LGBT community also can enjoy their sex life with our premium quality of adult toys.

About some relevant Sex toys are described below:

Masturbators Products for Men in Mumbai:

Masturbator in Mumbai
Masturbator in Mumbai

Masturbator sex toys Mumbai, Masturbators are one of the most favourite men toys for sex in Mumbai. Hand job masturbation is a bad habit for men. It creates a harmful effect in the sexual life. So, the single boys, stop jerk off your hand and try something better i.e. masturbator sex toy for men. It can provide you with more and more levels of sexual pleasure than your hand job. Men from different places come to Mumbai to make their future bright in their education or job life. Most of them have to lead a lonely lifestyle without their partners. Here masturbators can play an immense role in their boring life and will not let them feel the absence of their partner. Fleshlight masturbator is the famous masturbator sex toy for men. Men, if you want to get experienced with a great quality sex life, and then fleshlight is the best option

The process of making masturbators:

Fleshlight Masturbators are made the same as the real pornstars’ vagina. Masturbators are made of pure silicone, so it is as soft as a real female vagina. Masturbators are made by taking the mold of real ponstars’ pussy. There is a signature on the product of that particular pornstar as the proof.

Pocket pussy is small but provides you the maximum satisfaction. This is a replica of a female pussy but fits in your pocket. As it is stretchable it can swallow your big size penis very easily. This adult toy is a good option for keeping it behind the others.

Electro masturbators are the advanced masturbator sex toys in Mumbai which have auto masturbating feature. You don’t need to use your hands, but it automatically jerks off your penis and provides you the best masturbating plaesure.

Role of Masturbator sex toys in Mumbai:

Nowadays the demands of male sex toys Mumbai are growing rapidly. Gradually they are dependent on the male adult toys in Mumbai, so now they buy sex toys instead of getting frustrated for lack of their partner. It is a very depressing situation for men whenever they fail to get any partner according to their desire. Often, it is seen that in spite of being in a relationship couples are not happy.  For this reason some of the men feel comfortable leading a single life instead of getting committed. 

It’s often seen that most of the men are involved in handjob masturbtion which can ruin their sex life. So, men need to change their masturbation style to rescue their future sex life. Though there are so many pros and cons regarding the masturbation of men, a normal man cannot live their single life without self masturbation, i.e doing masturbating 3-4 times in a week is normal. Men can evolve something different kind of masturbation style by using masturbator sex toys for male in Mumbai and get the same kind of sexual pleasure of real vaginal fuck and blowjob.

Female Vibrator in Mumbai:

Vibrator in Mumbai
Vibrator in Mumbai

If you are looking for the best female adult items in Mumbai then you must find vibrator in the top of the row.  There is good demand of vibrator sex toy in Mumbai. Because, the girls in Mumbai are very much liberal in their life. They have to stay far from their home for their higher studies or achieving in their job life. As well as most of the women have to live separate from their partners in job life after their marriage for being self dependent. In their lonely lifestyle, vibrators act like magic. The vibrating sensation of the vibrators provides more sexual pleasure. Girls can use this sex toy in solo play or with their partners. There are different types of Vibrators sex toys for women, availed at Sex Toys . These are as follows:

Rabbit Vibrator: Rabbit vibrator is used for vaginal clit massage. The clitoral area of the female vagina is a little bit like rabbit ears, and a rabbit vibrator is used to stimulate the clitoral area, it is known as rabbit vibrator.

Bullet vibrator: Bullet vibrator is used for something hardcore sexual experience. For the horny girls, a bullet vibrator will be the best option. It helps to stimulate the women vagina like a bullet speed and make them orgasm faster. It is controlled by remote, so it is also known as a bullet vibrator.

Smart vibrator: Smart vibrator is smart for its unique and advanced feature. It is easily operated by mobile Bluetooth. There are some advanced types of smart vibrator such as flamingo vibrator, lash vibrator and irena vibrator. If you are in Mumbai and your partner is in Kolkata, then your partner can easily operate your vibrator with the help of his mobile app.

Music Vibrator: Music vibrators are the best option for the couples to evoke a romantic vibe in their sex life. Let you and your partner be in a room and a romantic song is playing in the background. In this romantic situation who can resist themselves to fall on their partner? Romantic good music can heal your soul and bring you close to your partner. This music vibrator acts with the rhythm of the music. Just think you are in the arms of your partner and a passionate romantic music is playing on your device. In this situation a girl need a softcore and passionate fuck than a wild sex. In this moment music vibrator will be the perfect thing to provide her a great sexual pleasure beyond her expectation. Use music vibrator and get acquainted with a passionate romantic sex with your parter or in solo play. 

Vibrating Dildo: Vibrating dildos are the fusion of a penis and a vibrator. A vibrating dildo can provide you both a vibrating sensation and penetration experience. If you want to buy both a vibrator and dildo, buy a vibrating dildo and save your budget and also get the combining pleasure of dildo and vibrator sex. With a vibrating dildo you can massage your clitoris to augment your sexual incitement and then insert the dildo inside the hole of your vagina and get the feeling of a real sex. A vibrating dildo can indulge your libido of hardcore fuck and also provide a great vibrating sensation interior wall of the vagina at a time.

Egg vibrator: The function of an egg vibrator is the same as a bullet vibrator i.e. this vibrator is used for clitoral massage. This is the best option for evolving solo masturbation. Most of the girls better like give a needle at the circumference of their vagina than penetrate their fingers inside the vagina. Dear girls, you cannot feel the real pleasure of an egg vibrator if you massage your clitoris with your fingers. Buy an egg vibrator sex toys for female in Mumbai and enjoy your solo sex masturbation.   

Bondage Toys Kit in Mumbai:

Bondage Toys Kit in Mumbai
Bondage Toys Kit in Mumbai

Bondage sex toys are one of the most popular sex toys for couple. It will help the couple to bring a new relish of their boring sex life. The people in Mumbai always like to get updated with the changing circumstances and accept the new things. So, there is much demand for the bondage toys in Mumbai. Bondage sex toy is also known as BDSM toy. BDSM means Bondage and Discipline; Domination and Submission; Sadism and Masochism. BDSM is an erotic practice by playing dominating and submissive role & giving and receiving pain. There are different types of bondage sex toys for couples at Sex Toys in Mumbai. These are given below:

Mouth gag: Mouth gag is one of the BDSM kits. With the help of this mouth gag you can resist your partners’ moaning but it will not make you feel suffocation. As guidance for the beginners you have to trust your partner.

Arm restraints & handcuffs: Arm restraints and hand cuffs help to tying your partners’ hands while sex. Then you can easily give pain to your partner, but your partner will not be able to respond.

Paddles, Ruler and flogger: With the help of these sex toys you can give pain your partner and your partners’ sexual arousal will be increased.

Blind folders: You have to fasten this blind folder around your partners’ eyes and you can take the right of vision of your partner. Every touch and kissing will be more sensible while using blind folder.

Nipple clamps: Nipple clamps one of the bondage kits for letting you evolve sado-masochism. This toy is used to provoke your sexuality by hitting on your nipples. Whatever, in the case of men and women nipples are very sensitive body parts. Normal squeezing the nipple can arouse your sexuality, now you may think, by hitting with nipple clamps on your nipple your sexual arousal reaches its peak.  

Door swing sex: Door swing sex provide you a great sexual fantsism. It provides you with a hanging sexual experience. This provides you a wild sexual pleasure while sex with your partner by fixing her on the door or the wall. 

Inflatable PVC bondage chair: Inflatable PVC chair is made with PVC and filled with air. First you need to fill the air inside it then it comes in the form of a chair. With the help of the belts along with the chair your partner can fasten your hands and legs by embedding you on this chair and both of you can enjoy the sex. 

In this way couples can enjoy their sex life by using bondage sex toys for couple in Mumbai.Collect your favourite bondage kit from the popular sex toys store in Mumbai. 

Sex Doll in Mumbai:

Sex Doll in Mumbai
Sex Doll in Mumbai

Sex dolls are the counterfeit of a sexy young lady. Sex dolls are found in the different shapes of the lady i.e young sexy attractive lady, milf lady and many more. Sex dolls are made with full silicone and found in different types like inflatable sex doll, silicone half doll and real girl sex doll from popular sex doll shop in Mumbai, Teentoy. 

Inflatable Sex Doll: Inflatable sex dolls are used by filling air inside it. The boobs, belly and the vaginal portion of this doll are made with silicone. After using the doll one can easily exhaust the air from it and  then it comes to the shape like a cloth which can be kept in the self by folding it. 

Silicone half doll: Silicone half doll is made with full silicone but found in half body. It is found with soft and delicious two boobs and a juicy vagina. Whenever you will be getting involved in an intercourse with her, you can get the real feeling of sex and the two lascious boobs let you feel a real flesh of women boobs. 

Real girl sex doll: Real girl sex doll is a replica of a sex doll which let you feel like you are with a real sexy lady in your mattress. It cannot talk or cook but you can bathe with her, or spend time with her which can also alleviate your loneliness and fill the emptiness the lack of your partner. 

Kindly visit at Teentoy, popular sex doll online store to get premium doll.

Sex Toys for LGBT community:

Sex Toys for LGBT Community
Sex Toys for LGBT Community

The lifestyle of the people in LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) is more standard like the other people. They also do not compromise with their sex lives. There are different sex toys for LGBT community at Sex Toys in Delhi. There are many kind of sex toys available in Mumbai for LGBT community. These are as follows:

Sex Toys for Gay:

Anal dildo: Anal dildo is the best option anal sex. It helps to stimulate your anal, anus or rectum. Gays are the big fan of anal sex because they feel more sexual enjoyment in anal sex. We at the largest online sex toys store in Mumbai will provide you a lotion i.e. anal gel with this anal dildo that will be more helpful for the anal penetration.

Silicone made fake breast: Gay people want to decorate their body like a hot, attractive, sexy girls. Here silicone made fake breasts will help to give you an attractive look. It is as soft as real female boobs and without side effects.

Sex Toys for Lesbian Girls:

Solid strap on dildo: Solid strap on dildos are used for lesbian girls and most of the lesbian girls choose double dildo to get more enjoyment in their sex life. They have to use this sex toy by fastening its belt around their waist. One has to wear this dildo to give another sexual pleasure. Besides, it can be used in solo play like a normal dildo. Presently strap on dildo for lesbian is one of the top rated popular sexy products in Mumbai.

Double dildo: Double dildo is formed with a double penis on its both sides like a curve. For the lesbian girls this is the smart kind of dildo. With the help of this double dildo two lesbian girls can be fully satisfied at a time.

Difference Between Online and Offline Sex Toys Shop in Mumbai:

Trading sex toys are not completely legal in India. There are such obligations while trading with the sex toys in Mumbai. Trading or buying sex toys in the offline market is illegal according to the rule of legislation. There are so many Mumbai sex toys shop, selling sex toys illegally in the open market by transgressing the rule of legislation. It can be riskful for both buyer and seller and have the chance of being caught by police red-handed, because Mumbai police is very aware and active in this city. But buying sex toys online is nothing wrong according to government rules and regulation. There are also so many legal sex toys store which selling sex toys in Mumbai. Offline sex toys sellers sell cheap quality sex toys, made with rubber or the other cheap elements, but Online sex toys shop always sell premium quality sex toys online in Mumbai which are clinically tested and made with pure silicone. Sex Toys in Mumbai is the most popular online sex toys store in Mumbai where customers are very comfortable for their shopping.

Buy Sex Toys Mumbai: Visit at (The most popular Mumbai sex toys shop, where you can buy best quality of sex toys for all categories clinically tested products) Or call us if you want to buy any kind of adult products & sex toys in Mumbai city at reasonable price.


Sex Toys in Mumbai is one of the best branches of Teentoy. Teentoy is one of the popular web stores in the Indian sex toy market. Most of the people prefer Teentoy for buying premium and branded qualities of products.


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