Big Boy Realistic Penis Sleeve PES-038Big Boy Realistic Penis Sleeve PES-038
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BRAVE MAN Crystal Penis Extension Sleeve PES-024
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Erection Stimulator Penis Extender Sleeve PES-029Erection Stimulator Penis Extender Sleeve PES-029
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Extreme Pleasure Penis Extender Sleeve PES-003
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Full Ribbed Crystal Penis Sleeves PES-019Full Ribbed Crystal Penis Sleeves PES-019
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Hollow Cock Booster Penis Sleeve PES-016
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Bath Mate Hydromax x20 PE-014
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Give A Boost to Your Penis Size with Penis Enlargement Pump & Sleeve

What is the thing that is the reason to take pride in for some people, also the reason for frustration for many, (only applicable for men)? If you’re a man, you have already guessed the right. Ya! We’re talking about penis size. Don’t worry! The funniest thing is that we, men, are so obsessed with our beard and penis that we expect a bit more than we have. Although we can’t help you by growing your beard, we have something to turn your penis into a large dick, i.e. penis sleeve. Also, many men across the world frequently lose their erections or feel erectile dysfunction during sex; the penis enlargement pump is an instant help for them without any pills or surgery. 

Ideal Destination for Branded Penis Enlargement & Sleeves

Sex Toys in Mumbai” is the largest retailer of cock sleeves and pumps with premium quality. As such our luscious collection of cock sleeves make you feel amused, and so do the penis enlarger toys in our stock. And, there’s a great demand for our products too. Why not? Our plenty of stock, variety of products, quality, price, offers & discounts, all in all, made a separate fanbase of our shop.

The Basic Difference Between The Benefits of a Penis Pump & Sleeve?

Do you know when you should buy a penis pump over a penis sleeve or a sleeve over a pump? 90% of people don’t know the basic difference between the benefits of a cock sleeve and a pump. If the people are unable to differentiate the roles of both, then all their hopes and money will go in vain. So, before jumping into our products section, we gonna rather discuss this topic, so that you can get the best result after using our products and haven’t any clue left in your mind later. 

As everyone knows, cock sleeves and penis enlargements both work on increasing your penis size. The entire fact is a big lie. The penis enlargement pump cannot increase your penis size; whoever a cock sleeve, even there’s not a single device in the world that influence your natural growth. The main role of this product is to cut your erectile dysfunction, simply, allowing your penis to its maximum erection.      

On the other hand, the role of a penis extender is to increase your penis size, not directly, but rather by covering your penis under a bigger and well-developed dildo skin. These are also known as the pro version of condoms. Along with providing all the benefits of a condom, it can additionally give a bonus to your dick size. 

All in all, when you have a serious or mild erectile dysfunction, you should choose a penis enlargement. On the contrary, if your penis size is too short, or notwithstanding average penis size, you need something more, i.e. extra growth of your penis, then, you gotta pick the right sleeve for you. 

Different Types of Penis Enlargement & Sleeves

Penis Enlargement Pump
Penis Enlargement Device

Here, we have brought a premium assortment of cock sleeves and enlargement pumps available at our online shop. While you’re seeking how to increase penis size, your solution is here, our plenty of reliable and life-changing following adult products, given below: 

 Penis Enlargement Device 

Bath Mate Hydromax: Bath Mate Hydromax is one of the most premium penis enlargement device pumps. Since it gives the most effective result over the others, it is considered the most-selling, or top-rated penis sleeve. Every penis pump in the Hydromax category is used with water. Use this product at least once while taking a bath and get the most effective result within a week. 

Handsome Up Penis Pump: This product comes with a tube attached to a suction pump on its top. So, there’s no mess using this product. You have to do nothing but just get your penis into the tube and keep pressing the penis enlarger to send the suction inside. Shortly, you can see your penis gonna increasing its maximum. Overall, you can get assured results within 7-14 days. 

Enlarger-ejaculation Pump: This penis enlargement pump is a little bit unique from other penis pumps. Unlike the other pumps, it doesn’t have a manual ball suction pump. Alike the other penis pumps, you have to enter your penis into the tube. After you can turn on/off, increase, and decrease the suction by pressing the button, so you don’t need to continuously press the pressure ball. 

Penis Sleeve
Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve

Big Boy Sleeve: This penis extender looks like a well-developed dick with veiny realistic skin. Putting the sleeve on your penis, it will look like a devil’s dick. If your woman is craving for a larger and thicker dick, then, this would be quite impressive for her. Besides, it is attached to a bullet vibrator to stimulate both your dick and her vagina during intercourse. Shop now and have thrills out!


Choco Sleeve: Is your woman love to eat chocolate? Then, pick this one to turn her on right away in bed. While talking about its appearance, the choco sleeve looks so hot and seductive with dotted choco skin. Its dickhead is so large that it can easily cover your tiny dick in such a way, it won’t sag anymore. And, your girlfriend becomes more excited playing with your dick while it gets covered by the choco sleeve.

Silicone Dotted Sleeve: This sleeve condom on penis is a living instance of pleasure play with sleeves because of its dotted skin and clit stimulating feature. This exactly looks like a realistic dick with a larger dickhead, dotted skin to its back, and a clit massager to its front. During intercourse, it can provide the highest pleasure and spellbound sensation to both you and your partner. Check out the penis sleeve price online at our shop.

Shop with Us

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