Buy Exclusive Sex Toys for Couple Tailored to Your Taste

Have sex in such a way that the memory longs even the next day and makes you feel romantic. However, you’re good in bed with your partner but you wanna get something more, extra spice, extra pleasure; sex toys for couple are tailored just to indulge your craving for getting something more. 

In the case of sex, and money; the appetite of people never ends. The naked reality is that the more they get, the more you want. So, the technology of couple sex toys doesn’t remain stagnant but rather has been updating itself with the changing demands of people. For example, as a vibrator can be used for solo masturbation, as well as bedroom romance and now its role is extended to revolutionize long-distance relationship sex-chatting.

Sex Toys in Mumbai” is a branded sex toys shop, affluent with a dazzling collection of adult products for couple. We have decked our stock as per a variety of products, various purposes of use, and different income standards of people. Non-vibrating dildos to teledildonic devices, couple massagers to erotic sex games, we have covered different fantasies of couples under our wide range of selections.   

Classification of Various Couple Toys Tailored to Your Taste

We have plenty of adult toys for couple tailored to different desires of people. Now, we gotta show you up different sex toys for different moods and desires that navigate you which sex toy you shouldda buy to spice up your relationship. The most-selling sex toys for couple tailored to different tastes are as follows

Exciting Bedroom Fun Toys for Couples

Sex Toys for Couple
Fun Toys for Couples

Make your bedroom romance a bit more exciting and thrilling with the following couple sex toys given below:

We-vibe: We-vibe is a sensation for couple-bedroom romance. These sex toys for couple can give pleasure to both partners in bed. Penetrate the vibrator into the vagina along with the dick, so that both the female and male partner feel the stimulation at the same time. 

Rose Vibrator: A Rose vibrator is another enticing sex toy for couple to adorn bedtime fantasies with someone special. And why not? However, only a rose can fix your partner’s mood and make the moment more romantic, just imagine, what if the rose could make a sexual vibrating sensation too? And so is Rose vibrator. It can deliver a strong suction so deep that shivers her up.

Couple Massager: Now, turning your girl on is so easy if you have a couple massager. These adult products for couple is also a good head start to explore your partner’s body. One needs to simply wander it across her body; when it gets in touch with her erogenous zone, she can’t but help moan.  

Amazing Sex Toys for Roleplay Fun

Sex Toys for Couple
Sex Toys for Roleplay Fun

Get an amazing collection of roleplay adult toys for couple that not only broaden the path of your excitement but also teach you a different new practice. When your sex life is gonna so boring and you wanna pep up your sexual incitement, this selection is absolutely made for you. Here are the following roleplay fun toys available at our online adult store as follows:

Sex Dice: Sex Dice or sex game toys are perfect for roleplay. It’s like a normal dice whose six sides represent different roleplay activities. There are thousands of roleplay ideas to have fun with that make you a bit perplexed. You don’t need to strain upon your mind; just roll the dice and simply play the role that comes in front of you. 

Sexy Costumes: There are different types of roleplay acts such as doctor-patient, police-thief, incest, and so on. Sexy costumes are nothing but making you more related to such an act. You can get modern, kinky, and sexy costumes there at our shop that give you a bold look.

Rocking Erotic Gameplay Toys for Couple

Sex Toys for Couple
Gameplay Toys for Couple

Erotic sex is a different path from the conventional practice. It comes with dominance, pain, humiliation & degradation, dirty talks, pegging, and many more. So, many couples may not be comfortable with such activities. Talk to your partner and know his/her boundaries before you play. Here are the following couple sex toys to spice your erotic play as follows:

Bondage Kits: Unlock your new adventure with BDSM kit. BDSM is a sexual practice where a partner dominates over another, orders, humiliates and punishes like a ‘Master’; on the other hand, the submissive partner serves as a ‘Slave’ being fastened and obedient to his/her master. There are different types of BDSM adult toys for couple such as ball gags, blindfolds, collar belts, chastity locks, whippers, belts, ticklers, and so on. 

Strap-on Dildo: Strap on dildo is an invention of the art of pegging, also a great instance of erotic play. Pegging is cobbled with this product, i.e. enjoying anal sex wearing a strap-on sex toy for couple upon the penis. Wearing a strap-on, your dick size gets 2-2.5 inches extra over the original size. For example, your penis length is 5 inches; after wearing a strap-on, it becomes 7 inches longer than its original length. 

Luxury Couple Vibrators for Long-Distance Relationship

Sex Toys for Couple
Luxury Couple Vibrators

Now, the vibrator doesn’t remain a solo sex toy, but rather it gets so far beyond your imagination. The evolution of a vibrator is as- vibrator for solo sex, followed by a remote-control vibrator with wire, a wireless vibrator, and now teledildonic features for long-distance relationships. These teledildonic vibrator sex toys for couple are known as smart vibrators.

A smart vibrator can rock your sex life whether your partner is staying anywhere in the world apart from you. How is it possible? First, both partners have to get connected via a specific mobile app. So your partner can control your vibrator from anywhere and draw sensations with just his fingertips.     

 Here are some most-selling luxury couple vibrators for long-distance relationships:

  • Lus 1, 2, & 3
  • Lovense
  • OhMiBod
  • Flamingo 
  • Irena, etc.

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