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Men, especially the single ones struggling a lot to get a bed partner now can buy a love doll and so can say goodbye to their frustration. Love doll, popularly known as sex doll is not only a sex toy wherein a ton of people’s emotions are connected though. However, now there’s no guarantee of a flesh-and-blood relationship, when it’s about your silicone love doll, she never leaves you alone. Except for singles, even couples can also use sexy dolls in the absence of their partners. In this way, silicone love-making dolls can rescue your relationship from extra-conjugal affairs.

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Various Collections of Silicone Made Sex Dolls Now at Your Doorstep

We have categorised our sex doll products into three categories- A. Inflatable doll, B. Half-body silicone sex doll, and C. real girl sex doll. Actually, sex dolls are known as one of the most precious sex toys. As the manufacturing cost, packing cost, and other additional expenditures surge its selling price, it becomes quite difficult to meet the budget of middle-class people. So, the people who can’t afford real girl sex dolls can even indulge their desire by choosing from the rest of the two. Now, let’s talk about different types of sex dolls tailored to the best choices, as follows:

A. Inflatable Doll

Sex Doll
Inflatable Doll

The People whose budget is limited till the masturbators are still dreaming to buy sex doll, an inflatable doll would be a ray of hope for them. So, now if a man can buy a Fleshlight masturbator, he can definitely afford a sex doll with the same budget; the inflatable sex dolls made it possible. An inflatable doll is nothing but a kind of sex doll whose belly, boobs and pussy are made with silicone, and the rest of the body is made with TPE. It is to be used by filling the air inside and after using one can make it deflated emptying the air from inside, so it’s also known as an Air blow doll. Here are some classic collections of inflatable sex dolls, as follows:

The Main Features of Inflatable Doll:

Here are the following features of an inflatable doll that make it unique from others, given below:

Price: As discussed, inflatable sex dolls come under at a low price range, compared to other sex dolls, even in the budget of a Fleshlight. Needless to say, the price is cheap but the quality isn’t. So, people who were behind from buying sex dolls for their low budget now can easily afford an inflatable doll at 1/5th of a real girl sex doll price

Privacy Concern: Privacy concern is another factor in choosing an inflatable doll. Many people shift to buy this doll as it can be easily hidden from other people’s eyes. After use, one can release the air from within and then the 4-5 feet sex doll gets deflated so, one can easily hide it inside a small and secure place. 

Portability: One more benefit of using an inflatable sex doll in India, i.e. portability. Compared to other dolls, inflatable dolls are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. So, one can easily carry it inside a bag or suitcase just like a tent.

Some Popular Collections of Inflatable Dolls:

  • Angel Blow Up Baby Doll 
  • Inflatable 3D Wife 
  • Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

B. Half-Body Silicone Made Sex Doll

Sex Doll
Silicone Sex Doll

Simply, a half-body silicone sex doll is nothing but the most delicious body part of a real girl sex doll, i.e. the structure of female boobs along with pussy and bums. This is an upgraded version of an artificial vagina. Since it’s a half-body doll, the enjoyment won’t be the ‘half’. The pleasure would be realistic and so would be the experience. All in one, a half-body sex doll is a step more developed version of an inflatable doll but less than a real girl doll.  

Specialty of a Sex Doll Over the Two?

However, people buy half-body sex dolls because of their comparatively lower price than a real girl sex doll in India. People who haven’t such a budget to buy a real girl sex doll but can easily afford an inflatable doll can upgrade their pleasure into a half-body sex doll. There’s not much difference between the price of an inflatable and a half-body sex doll but rather it’s almost the same. The price of a half-body doll begins from the budget of an inflatable doll and it gradually increases according to the quality of the silicone.

Some Rich Variety of Half-body Silicone Love Dolls

  • Lovely Sexy Anunty
  • Silicone Sex Doll in Sitting Posture
  • Double Fucking Doll

C. Real Girl Sex Doll

Sex Doll
Real Girl Sex Doll

A real girl sex doll is absolutely the same as a real hot and sexy lady. This is the most expensive and most desired one for men. While using masturbators, you can take relish in different parts of the female body, whereas a sex doll is itself a realistic seductive lady. There’s nothing to say about this product, as you can treat this like your partner. Many people are so emotionally attached to a realistic 3D wive that they love and take care of it like a real wife. The difference between a 3D doll and a real wife is one is made with original flesh and blood while another is made of high-quality pure silicones. 

Some Mesmerizing Real Girl Sex Dolls:

  • Lifelike Silicone 3D Love Doll
  • Chubby Sexy 3D Love Doll
  • Secretary Love 3D Doll
  • Athletic 3D Love Doll
  • Big Boobs 3D Love Doll

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