Auto Heating Rabbit with Clitoral Stimulation RV-042

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Product Description

This is unique type of rabbit vibrator with three strings tongue for clit massage available at Sex toys in Mumbai. The functions of this vibrator are alike other kinds of rabbit vibrators but provides the more extra pleasure of clit massage than the other rabbit vibrators.


  • It is red coloured vibrator with a unique look.
  • It is easy to hold or carry for its comfortable holding option.
  • The vibrator can provide the duel satisfaction of G-spot and clit massage.
  • The tongue portion of the vibrator has three strings like a throne to provide the extra pleasure of Clitoris massage.
  • 360° Rotation is available.
  • There are 7 intense vibrating modes in this vibrator.
  • Auto heating feature is available, that means after using sometime it will start heating your pussy.

How to Use:

Simply press and hold the power button for 2-3 second to turn on the vibrator.

While pressing the same button again the 360° rotation will be enable.

The next button is for vibrating modes. You can change the vibrating modes one by one by pressing this button each time.

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